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Building a Movie Library with Kodi and Media Stubs

I buy movies in a variety of ways. I’ll buy used DVDs off Craig’s List. New Blu-rays off Amazon. I have some movies out ready to watch or some packed away cause I’ve ripped them to the HTPC to save space in the living room. There are even a few movies bought off YouTube.

With so many ways to get your media these days, I didn’t quite have a way to keep it all organized. That’s when I discovered the ability to add media stubs to Kodi.

Kodi is my favorite media player that runs on my HTPC. In the past, it has made my video file library look great but I only had movies listed here that were ready to play within Kodi. The physical movies were still sitting on the shelf.

Adding media stubs to Kodi for the rest of my library made Kodi the only place I need to look for when selecting a movie as it includes everything that I can get my hands on.

To help me create the media stubs, I went to Python and wrote up a short script that would walk me through creating each media stub. I have it up on GitHub at the link below.

Stubby on GitHub

Stubby is a simple command line python script that ask you a serious of questions in order to create Kodi media stubs for Blu-rays, DVDs, and other types of media. You can add custom messages to it too which help for any reminders about certain movies.

The output files can then be dropped right into your movie file folder where then Kodi does the rest.

I tested Stubby with Python 2.7 and need to check it against Python 3. Enjoy!

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